Monitor Park Skatepark Ready for Action

Our latest Los Angeles skatepark design/build project, a collaboration with EPT Design and the Trust for Public Land, officially opened at Monitor Park in Watts on January 31st. We celebrated with a demo by the Blind Skateboards professional team as well as a best trick contest and product toss for local skateboarders. The below-grade skatepark is 6,000 square feet and … FULL POST »

Uvalde Texas Skatepark Construction in full swing

The skatepark build is underway at Uvalde Municipal Park in Uvalde, Texas! Located just north of the Mexico border, the City’s first public skatepark is the result of forward-looking municipal leaders who recognized the value of providing local youth with a designated place to ride their skateboards. Per usual, the skatepark design process consisted of several charrettes where we met … FULL POST »

Aaron Spohn Talks Skateable Art with Spike TV

President & Founder Aaron Spohn talks skatepark construction, design, and community impact with Dhani Jones in this segment of Playbook 360 on Spike TV.

Sacramento, Ca gets two neighborhood skate spots!

The City of Sacramento has made a strategic initiative to supplement their large 20,000+ square foot skateparks with a network of neighborhood skate spots. With an area of 100 square miles and a population of 500,000, not all skateboarders have easy and frequent access to the City’s big facilities. So when new park and park revitalization projects come online, the … FULL POST »

Skatepark Building in Fairfield, Iowa

Our skatepark build in Fairfield, Iowa wrapped a few weeks ago. After a “quality control” session from the build crew, they packed their tools and hit the road for new projects in California and Maryland. At first glance it would appear this project wasn’t uniquely different from all of the others, but something about the way this skatepark touched the … FULL POST »

Skatepark in Niles, Illinois officially open!

We’re excited to announce that as of Friday 10/24, the skatepark at Washington Terrace Park in Niles, Illinois is officially open! The skatepark project began four years ago when a group of Niles high school students launched a Facebook petition urging Village officials to consider building a public skatepark. It took some serious convincing, but all concerns about the skatepark … FULL POST »

Skatepark Construction is a wrap in Eagle River, Alaska

When it comes to skateparks, the State of Alaska could be considered “behind the times”. With only a handful of skateparks across the entire State, most of which are sparse collections of wood or metal ramps, skateboarders are faced with limited options for progressing their skills. Will Ingram, owner of Anchorage-based skate shop Zak’s Boardroom, summarized the state of skateboarding … FULL POST »


Our skatepark design/build project in Fairfield, Iowa is nearing completion this week. With just a few more concrete pours left to go, the City of Fairfield will announce a soft opening in the next couple of weeks. An official grand opening celebration will happen in the spring of 2015 when the weather is nicer and the landscaping around the skatepark … FULL POST »

New Orleans First Public Skatepark Complete

The story of New Orleans’ first public skatepark can’t be told without mentioning the Red Bull Mississippi Grind. The RBMG event series centered around a skateable barge that floated down the Mississippi River from St. Paul, MN to New Orleans, Louisiana, stopping at port cities along the way to host competitions and demos. After the final stop in New Orleans, … FULL POST »

West Allis, Wisconsin Skate Plaza Project Underway

Before designing the Milwaukee-area’s first modern skate plaza, our work for the City of West Allis involved a thorough site selection process where we analyzed locations throughout the community – examining accessibility, environmental impact and design canvas. When Radtke Park was selected, we pursued a green approach by working around trees and contouring the skateable terrain to the site’s natural … FULL POST »