Vincent Onel


Vince grew up in Iowa and discovered skateboarding at the age of 10.  After years of being chased by police on the campus where his father worked as a professor, Vince joined forces with fellow Iowa skateboarders to advocate for a community skatepark.  Advocacy efforts paid off and the park was successfully constructed in 2002. The park quickly became Vince’s home away from home, a formative space where he organized competitions, filmed videos and hosted community events.

As high school was coming to a close, Vince knew in his heart that he had to make the pilgrimage to the mecca of skateboarding – California.  On a campus visit to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, while his parents were inspecting the libraries and dormitories, Vince’s jaw was dropping as every corner he turned revealed another piece of architecture made famous by his skateboarding idols in videos and magazines.  When a scholarship offer came in the mail, the decision was quite easy.

While at USC, a professor connected Vince with the owners of Spohn Ranch and it instantly clicked that he could combine his love for skateboarding with a growing interest in architecture and construction.

In the summer of 2009 after receiving his bachelor’s degree from USC, Vince officially joined the Spohn Ranch family.  He has since played a valuable role in Spohn Ranch’s design department, leading community design workshops and striving to amplify the artistry of skateboarding landscapes.  He also acts as one of Spohn Ranch’s lead project managers, where he’s enjoyed developing a well-rounded breadth of knowledge – including landscape architecture, engineering, construction and a recent LEED accreditation.