Skatepark Design

Twenty years of skatepark design/build experience shape every Spohn Ranch skatepark. This experience fuels a synthesis of thorough analysis, economic realism, environmental responsibility, cultural awareness and an unwavering commitment to progression. We intelligently balance the practical needs of the client, the preferences of local skateboarders and strengths of the site to create the right park for every community. The right park means designing the perfect ratio of street to transition, while balancing the terrain for the full spectrum of experience levels.

While progressive terrain will always be a core principal of our design philosophy, the overarching focus is fun. We want our parks to be fun for every skateboarder – no matter their age, style or experience.

Our skateparks feature imaginative color patterns, integrated landscaping, aesthetic enhancements like brick/granite and sculptural elements that double as architectural focal points. Skateboarding is too beautiful an art form to be relegated to a dull, unimaginative concrete slab. We take every available opportunity to build the kinds of artistic environments that skateboarding deserves. This is when the freedom, personal expression and most importantly fun can occur most easily. If a skatepark feels too intentional or like a cage, the experience is diminished.

For a sampling of our design work at various square footages, click here.

Skateparks shouldn’t feel like places where you are sentenced to ride, but more like naturally-occurring environments that just so happen to showcase wheel-friendly activities