Long Beach, CA

Park Name

Bixby Park Skatepark


8,000 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Bixby Park Skatepark


    Better known to locals as Cherry Park, the skate spot at Bixby Park in Long Beach isn’t so much a testament to the breadth and depth of our skill sets, but more so a shining example of how a little can go a long way.

    Local skaters had turned this flat slab of concrete into their home away from home, but amateur construction techniques were limiting the potential of the space.  Inspired by the local DIY spirit, we replaced several dilapidated grind boxes built from wood and cinder blocks with durable concrete elements, protected by stainless steel edging.

    Visit this spot on a given day and you will find yourself immersed in one of Long Beach’s most vibrant public spaces.  The full spectrum of skateboarders, from professionals to young kids taking their first ride, all enjoy a sense of community when they gather here.

    Spohn Ranch Instagram: #CherryPark