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1-Year Anniversary of LA Skate Plaza

LA Skate Plaza, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks.

This past week the Ambassador Series honored the 1-Year Anniversary of the grand opening of the LA Skate Plaza in Wilmington, California. Big thanks to Element Skateboards, HOT 106, X-Games winner Jake Brown, and especially the Ambassador Series who all helped put together this event for the youth of Wilmington.

In 2008, Spohn Ranch teamed up with Maxwell Billieon of the Ambassador Series and professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez to create a truly amazing skatepark for the city of Wilmington. One year ago, the LA Skate Plaza officially opened with largest launch in the history of Los Angeles, with almost 4,000 skaters in attendance.

Since then, the park has averaged 250-300 skaters a day, has become a drop-off location for seven neighborhood schools, and has helped reduce violent crime in the area by 90%. Spohn Ranch looks forward to many more successful years in Wilmington, as well as helping communities around the world provide more recreational spaces for kids to safely pursue their love of skateboarding and action sports.

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