Skate Plazas

Ditch the traditional skatepark model with wheel-focused urban architecture

Skatepark Design-Build

From first pencil sketch to final concrete pour, we've got you covered

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From destination skateparks to neighborhood skate spots

Skatepark Design

Fueled by disdain for the mundane

Destination Skateparks

Put your community on the map with a roadtrip-worthy facility

Skate Spots

A space-efficient way to integrate wheel-friendly terrain into your community

Pump Tracks

Built with concrete, asphalt or earth. Inviting for all skill levels and wheel types.

Skateable Art

The intersection of skateboarding and interactive public art

Skatepark Construction

Carving corners. Not cutting them.

Skate Paths

Strategically weave skateable elements along pedestrian pathways

The Benefits of Public Skateparks

Convince your community that skateparks are positive investments

Los Angeles, California

Headquartered in skateboarding's birthplace and continued epicenter

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From beginner-friendly snake runs to progressive roundwall creations

Modern Skateparks

Not just grey blobs of concrete. Colorful, architectural works of art.

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The men and women behind 3 decades of award-winning skatepark design-build

Well-Balanced Skateparks

Shaped by community input. Balancing the full spectrum of skill levels and terrain styles.

Skatepark Site Selection

A comprehensive guide to finding the perfect location for your new skatepark

Special Events

Skatepark design and construction for the world's top pro athletes and industry brands

The Summit Bechtel Reserve

Design-build of the world's largest wheel sports facility for the Boy Scouts of America

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