While Spohn Ranch has successfully executed countless projects where the design and build components are separate, our preferred project delivery method is design-build. We firmly believe that the best skatepark designer is also a skatepark builder. And vice versa.

    • Single point of accountability – One entity, one contract and one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion of construction. By having a single partner who is dedicated throughout the life of the project, design-build ensures communication and accountability are at their highest possible levels. Without a second party to point the figure at or deflect blame onto if issues arise, the skatepark design-build contractor can be singlehandedly responsible for cost, schedule and performance.
    • Budget management – After the client establishes a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) during the contracting phase, we lead a meticulous information gathering process, including in-depth site investigation and detailed confirmation of project scope. This ensures the design we create is feasible for the GMP and there are no surprises or opportunities for change orders. We also waste no time integrating our construction team into the design process, ensuring we are designing for efficient and intelligent construction. Design-only firms are notorious for over-promising during the design phase and crossing their fingers as the construction bids come in. Having never executed the complex process of building a skatepark firsthand, it’s not surprising that their cost estimates are consistently inaccurate. Spohn Ranch has tracked data for design-bid-build projects for the past 20+ years and roughly 60% of design-bid-build projects are re-bid multiple times due to a lack of contractor response or bids far above the established budget.
    • Decreased Administrative Burden – Rather than spending time, money and energy managing multiple contracts, design-build allows clients to focus on the successful completion of the project. When handling multiple bidding processes, the client is forced to resolve ambiguity in material/construction specifications and potentially intervene when legal disputes arise between the parties involved. In the design-build scenario, a single design-build contract streamlines the process and reduces administrative responsibilities. In the all too often scenario of design-bid-build where bids come in above the established budget, clients are also then forced to spend valuable resources value-engineering the design in hopes of hitting the budget during the re-bid.
    • Speed & Efficiency – Design-build projects can be completed in shorter timeframes because bid time is reduced, potential construction problems are uncovered early on and enhanced communication avoids lengthy delays. There is no such scenario where the contractor has trouble interpreting the plans, because the contractor created the plans. In addition, the overlapping approach allows scheduling and materials/equipment procurement to begin before the design plans are 100% finalized. Total project timelines can be reduced by up to 50% compared to a design-bid-build scenario.
    • A Work of Art – We consider each Spohn Ranch skatepark a one-of-a-kind work of art. We develop an intimate understanding of the nuances of the site and establish a close relationship with the community that extends far beyond the life of the contract. Our passion for skateboarding and wheel sports guarantees we are dedicated to seeing our artistic vision all the way through to the finish line. You wouldn’t hire a renowned sculptor to design a sculpture, then instead of asking the sculpture to complete the project, find the cheapest possible person to execute it. The same logic applies to skateparks.