Successful skatepark design skillfully balances the unique conditions of the site with the needs of three distinct groups – the government, the community and the users.

    Striking that balance begins with a thorough information gathering process.

    Through the lens of three decades of skatepark construction experience, we first analyze the site’s topography, soil composition, drainage conditions, adjacent uses and legal requirements. Exhaustive upfront planning ensures responsible design work and helps us avoid surprises down the road that cost both time and money.

    Once we develop an intimate understanding of our canvas, we engage in a robust community engagement process. Public design workshops, polling software and modern social media tools reveal the community’s goals and directly shape our vision for the project.


    With all of the necessary information in hand, we focus on the principles of Spohn Ranch’s signature skatepark design philosophy and get to work.

    • Fun – While progressive terrain will always be a core principal of our design philosophy, the overarching focus is fun. We want our skateparks to be fun for every rider – no matter their age, style, skill level or wheel type. Fun skateparks provide features of varying difficulty to accommodate the full spectrum of experiences – from the kinds of days where you want a mellow session to the days where you wake up feeling hungry and aren’t worried about taking a slam or two on big terrain.
    • Variety – Smart skatepark design is democratic. Refined during the public engagement process, the ratio of street to transition-style terrain and the spectrum of skill levels should complement the unique make-up of each community.
    • Art – Skateparks shouldn’t feel like places where you are sentenced to ride, but more like naturally-occurring landscapes that just so happen to showcase wheel sports. Thus, Spohn Ranch skateparks are not just grey blobs of concrete. They are colorful, architectural works of art with sculptural elements that create a sense of community pride.

    For a sampling of our skatepark design work at various sizes, click here.