Our goal is to create spaces where people can enjoy the outdoors.  We know that if we don’t treat our planet right in the present, we won’t have one to enjoy in the future.  Whether it’s devising solutions to remove pollutants from surface runoff water, using sustainable building materials during construction or even thinking creatively to re-purpose materials from within the community – the bigger picture of sustaining planet earth is always top priority.

    Before the first pencil hits paper, we conduct a thorough analysis of the soil, topography and surrounding environment to understand how a skatepark will impact the space. Our staff of landscape architects, engineers and LEED accredited professionals design intelligent solutions to ensure the skatepark stands the test of time with minimal environmental impact.

    Our philosophy is based on the following principles:

    • Work with the site, not against it
    • Plan for water efficiency
    • Incorporate local & recycled materials
    • Native planting & vegetation
    • Complement the surrounding environment
    • Take the extra step to do things right the first time
    • Utilize solar technology for energy needs