Charlie Wilkins

Skatepark Designer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Charlie became a professional skateboarder in 1996 and helped pioneer the Boston skateboarding scene.  While he gained fame with magazine photo spreads and video parts, his passion for Mass skateboarding transcended way beyond flip tricks and grinds – he spent considerable effort organizing events, participating in the design and construction of municipal skatepark projects and he was a regular instructor at the Rye Airfield indoor skateboarding camp.

After making the transition to the West Coast in 2011, Charlie connected with Spohn Ranch through our event work for the Mountain Dew Tour.  He had honed his AutoCAD skills as Alli Sports & NBC’s lead designer and builder since the Dew Tour’s inception in 2005 – a role in which he designed and built dozens of world-class event courses for our industry’s premiere athletes.  Charlie’s CAD expertise and ability to work with tight spaces and timelines made him a perfect fit for Spohn Ranch and he’s since enjoyed a seamless transition into our design and build department.

In addition to a full-time position as one of Spohn Ranch’s lead designers, Charlie continues a 20+ year career as a highly-respected professional skateboarder. His current sponsors include Adidas Shoes, Matix Clothing, Ace Trucks and Bones Wheels.  Charlie also maintains a well-rounded perspective as head judge for World Cup Skateboarding – one of our industry’s sanctioning bodies for professional competitions.

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