Damon Spohn

Principal / VP of Skatepark Design

A skatepark designer for over 20 years, Damon has created concepts, final designs, and construction documents for hundreds of high profile skateparks across the country. The pioneer behind many of today’s standard skatepark elements, Damon is constantly innovating and striving to transcend the boundaries of conventional skatepark design. He joined Aaron in Spohn Ranch’s infancy and has since worked side-by-side with some of the nation’s top professional skateboarders including Paul Rodriguez, Danny Montoya, Chris Miller and Omar Salazar– staying ahead of the most current trends in skatepark design.

A conceptual artist at heart, Damon injects aesthetics and artistry into every Spohn Ranch skatepark design.  He is an expert in an array of design programs, with a focus on AutoCAD, Inventor and 3D Studio Max. With a background in carpentry and metal fabrication, Damon was also a lead foreman during Spohn Ranch’s formative years. Although he now spends his days behind a desk, he continues daily collaboration with the construction team by preparing engineered shop drawings for the innovations he dreams up on the computer.