Kirsten Dermer

Principal / CEO

Kirsten is Southern California born and raised. While attending Venice High in the early ‘90s she and her brother Mark befriended their new neighbor Aaron Spohn, skating and building ramps at his house.

It wasn’t long before that house transformed into a community dubbed “Spohn Ranch”. And with innate ambition and drive, it wasn’t long before Kirsten transformed from one of Aaron’s first employees into the CEO that would help Spohn Ranch evolve from a small family business into an award-winning, nation-wide design-build firm.  The counterweight to Aaron’s free-spirit, Kirsten steered the ship through good times and bad, always keeping the company on course for success. Kirsten is truly the glue that holds the company together.

Intimately involved in the wheel sports industry for 20+ years, the breadth of Kirsten’s experience is vast. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from UCLA, she has developed expertise in every facet of skatepark design, construction and operations – with a focus on executing all financial, legal and administrative matters.

Kirsten has also twice served as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, an internationally renowned association of successful business owners. Through this affiliation, she is able to interact with many of the world’s top minds on a regular basis, leveraging this knowledge of business best practices to every project Spohn Ranch undertakes.