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Brownsville Skatepark Grand Opening – December 19th

A new concrete skatepark built by Spohn Ranch. Grand opening is December 19th. Designed with Pillar Design Studio, the park features a complex bowl with a tear-drop spine and pool coping. A street plaza surrounds the bowl with multi-levels, stairs, granite benches and wide banks.

The park was built on a site with expansive soil and water-table inches below the surface. This meant that the entire park had to be built above grade.

By placing pre-cast concrete pieces on concrete footings, Spohn Ranch was able to build up without major site work. The skate elements act as retaining walls, allowing for inexpensive berming.

During construction, the site was directly hit by Hurricane Dolly. With other methods of construction, this may have wiped out an in-progress construction site. Fortunately, it was a minor set-back to this project and resulted in no change orders and no added cost to Brownsville.

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