Final Design for Oskaloosa, Iowa’s Skatepark

Spohn Ranch is proud to announce that construction is officially underway on the first public skatepark in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Selected as the skatepark design/build contractor in the winter of 2010, Spohn Ranch joined an integrated team of engineers and landscape architects who were drafting a unique vision for a redevelopment project in the heart of Oskaloosa’s downtown district.

As the centerpiece of Oskaloosa’s new Urban Park, Spohn Ranch’s designers envisioned the skatepark as a vibrant and colorful space that could be proudly displayed as a community showpiece. Working through the Mahaska Community Recreation Foundation, Spohn Ranch also facilitated thoughtful community involvement by engaging with local skateboarders and BMX bike riders on the park’s design.

While the majority of Iowa’s skateparks feature metal ramps on old tennis courts or large expanses of dull concrete, Oskaloosa’s new action sports space stands alone. With an innovative sculptural quality and a diversity of aesthetic enhancements, the resulting design is arguably the most progressive skatepark in the State of Iowa. Often resembling more of an urban plaza than a traditional skatepark, the park features a dynamic colored concrete pattern, integrated granite collages and a host of cantilevered obstacles that double as architectural focal points.

Brought to fruition with donations from local businesses, youth fundraising and a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, this contemporary park also boasts a state-of-the-art lighting system, spectator seating and an aesthetically-inviting landscape design.

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