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Daytona Beach Skatepark Construction Moves Forward

Click the photo above to check out shots from the construction progress at Spohn Ranch’s Bethune Point Skatepark in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The skatepark was planned, designed and constructed by Spohn Ranch, co-designed by Pillar Design Studios, featuring pre-cast concrete manufactured by Barkman Concrete, poured-in-place concrete work by Spohn Ranch, and bowl construction by California Skateparks.  With all of the flatwork complete, pre-cast concrete pieces set in place, and bowl construction finished, all the remains is the final landscaping in preparation for the skatepark’s grand opening.

Some of the unique features of this park include a colossal pre-cast concrete clam shell, pre-cast Skateable Art pieces such as the “Roll-Over Whip” and “Broken Pyramid”, and an extra-wide “Bent Penny” pre-cast bank textured with grooves for an innovative real-world skating experience.  By combining these pre-cast pieces with poured-in-place concrete features, a plethora of stairs, hubbas, and rails, and a custom in-ground bowl – we’ve created a diverse skating masterpiece that the skaters of Florida can enjoy for decades to come.