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Dew Tour 2011 – Salt Lake City, Utah “Skate Street”

Dew Tour 2011 – Salt Lake City, Utah “Skate Street”, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks.

Spohn Ranch, a cornerstone of action sports progression, came through big for the Dew Tour’s third stop in Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend with the design and construction of the “Skateboard Street” course. Hot off the success of the Ocean City, Maryland and Portland, Oregon stops, the Toyota Challenge in SLC featured BMX dirt/vert, freestyle moto, and skate vert/street competitions. The famed “Portable Concrete Bowl” is currently in storage until the next season, with rumors hinting that it will be featured at every stop.

For SLC, our 11,000 square foot concrete skatepark replicated an urban plaza environment with recreations of popular features today’s top street skaters are riding. With a huge overlap into our overall design process, having our skateparks and event courses scrutinized by the world’s top professional skaters on a daily basis, provides us with invaluable feedback that is incorporated into our municipal projects for an unmatched level of quality.  Finals highlights can be seen here!

Via Alli Sports:

“In what the riders were calling out as one of the best courses the Dew Tour has ever built, the guys were throwing trick after trick as proof. Once the final jam was underway, it was Decenzo who got his rhythm going with a nollie heel down the gap, and solid tech tricks while making full use of the course. His intro run, earlier jam and final jam score of 87.18 gave him the win and it also earned him the overall lead for the Dew Cup. When the competition ended, he credited the course with helping him take the win.

“The way they put the whole big section together was good, the hubbas were the right height and the rails were the right height, steepness and length,” Decenzo said. “It was great for progressing and landing tricks consistently.”

Stay tuned for the final design for the Dew Tour finals in Las Vegas!


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