Skateboarding in Native America

With two Native American-related projects starting up this month, the Spohn Ranch family has had great reason to celebrate the rich culture and history of Native Americans.

In early May we broke ground on a concrete skatepark at the Utero Indian tribal headquarters in Fort Duchesne, Utah. Brought to fruition with a large donation from a local resident, this 6,000 square foot skatepark will become a true community showpiece for this small community of 650 residents. With few recreational opportunities on base, a space where youth can be constructive with their energy is clearly vital.

For years an abandoned concrete slab had become the defacto skatepark as local youth incrementally amassed a collection of homemade jumps, boxes and rails. Seeing the passion and dedication of these local youth first hand, community leaders knew a professionally-designed and constructed skatepark would become a huge asset for the tribal headquarters.

After clearing the slab of debris, we were able to use it as a giant foundation for new concrete elements that would be built from the ground up.

As one Spohn Ranch crew was charging ahead In Utah, another was working hard on a unique project at the renowned Museum of Man in San Diego, California.  “Ramp it Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America” is an amazing art exhibition and clearly wouldn’t be complete without some live skating action.  That’s where Spohn Ranch came into the picture.  The task at hand – building a half-pipe inside the famed museum walls.

Not your typical setting for a half-pipe, the project involved some pretty intense planning and logistical coordination.

The exhibit is currently up and running!  For more background information on the project check out the Musuem of Man’s website here.

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