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Gardena, CA – Skatepark Construction Progress

The skatepark build at Rowley Park in Gardena, California is moving along swiftly as the Spohn Ranch construction crew moves into the final stages of the project next week. The first of two skateparks Spohn Ranch will be building for the City of Gardena, this 7,000 square foot skatepark broke ground in late 2011.

When we checked in this week, the crew was pouring the last of the skatepark elements – the tiered planter. Mimicking the planter beds skaters love in the naturally-occurring urban environment., this feature anchors the eastern edge of the park and provides a near infinite amount of trick opportunities. Always respecting the planet, a good chunk of the framing lumber for this feature was recycled by Spohn Ranch from the old hand-ball court.

With all of the skate elements now complete, all that remains is the concrete flatwork that will unite all of the features and elevated areas. The crew is double-checking the grade and beginning to tie rebar as we speak. A few miles down the road at Johnson Park, progress is also underway as a second Spohn Ranch crew prepares the site for skatepark construction. Check back for updates as both projects move forward.


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