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Go Skateboarding Day 2011

Earlier this week, The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) released the collectable event poster for the 9th annual Go Skateboarding Day, which will be held June 21, 2011.  This year’s poster was designed by Jim Phillips, the iconic skateboard artist and former art director for Santa Cruz Skateboards.

“Go Skateboarding Day works to honor and unite participants in the spirit of skateboarding and since its 2003 inception, has prompted cities to build skate parks, promoted local skate shops and raised money for local charities.”

June 21 will be a great day for skatepark committees and non-profit groups to organize fundraisers and raise awareness for local skatepark efforts.  Backed by an official the holiday, City officials and community members are quickly learning the power of skateboarding and why investing in quality skateparks is so vital to the hearts and minds of our Nation’s youth.  As always, it will also be a great day for skateboarding and BBQs at Spohn Ranch’s hundreds of skateparks across the country.  For help with planning skatepark fundraisers and events, get in touch today!

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