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Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Precision-Cast Concrete Bowl

We’ve put the finishing touches on our short film detailing the unique opportunity we were presented with back in 2009 – building a concrete bowl at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.  Click the video above to get an in-depth look at Spohn Ranch’s state-of-the-art construction process that enabled us to build an enclosed concrete bowl in less than five days.

In an effort to upgrade the Base’s recreational facilities, the US Navy’s Moral, Welfare and Recreation Division toyed around the idea of adding a concrete bowl to their existing collection of ramps, rails and boxes.  With time, labor and material constraints posing significant roadblocks, they then went in search of a skatepark builder who could tackle this unique challenge.   As the nation’s only skatepark builder with the ability to precision-cast concrete features in an off-site plant, Spohn Ranch stepped to the plate and swiftly handled this project.

While Spohn Ranch utilizes precision-cast concrete primarily for street features and sculptural elements, this video leaves no doubt that precision-cast concrete is valuable tool for speeding up and simplifying the skatepark construction process.  We know that as winter approaches and grant deadlines near, many communities lose hope that their skatepark projects can be completed on time.  To make sure your skatepark gets built at the fastest pace possible, please get in touch with us today.

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