Holland, Michigan – Smallenburg Skatepark Open!

Thank goodness for the uncharacteristically warm weather the Midwest has been experiencing as of late, because the skateboarders of Holland, Michigan are getting some unexpected quality time at the new concrete skatepark. In 2011, Spohn Ranch was chosen as the skatepark designer and builder for the 10,000 square foot concrete space at Smallenburg Park. The project was our second for the City of Holland, as we successfully completed another 10,000 square foot park at Dirkse Park in 2009.

Officially open for a few weeks now, the park is already generating a lot of hype in the State of Michigan, with skateboarders traveling from across the state to ride one of the area’s most modern skateparks. Lined by large trees, the park has an incredibly inviting aesthetic and feels like a vibrant community gathering space.

Check out all of the shots from local photographer Dan Irving by clicking the photo above or check out some video footage of the skatepark below.

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