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LBC’s McBride Skatepark Construction Update

Spohn Ranch field crews are making great progress on the construction of Long Beach, California’s new 10,000 square foot skatepark at McBride Park. It’s all hands on deck for Spohn Ranch’s latest LBC design/build project, with a grant deadline requring substantial completion by the end of the month.

Over the past month, our crew has completed grading, forming, rebar, steel fabrication and placement, drain line installation and installation of the precision-cast sculptural features. This past week we started placing and shooting concrete for the park’s banks, ledges and manual pads.

Another exciting update comes from the larger-than-life “LBC” letters which will be set into the bank wall at the West end of the park. They’ve been fabricated and powder coated, and are now set for installation. A great way to unify to a community!  Below Long Beach skateboarding advocates Daniel Tim Tim and Mike Donelon repping LBC!

Check the video here for some more highlights and insight from the Spohn Ranch crew.

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