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Oregon, Illinois – Prairie Side Skate Plaza Now Open!

Oregon, Illinois’ first public skate plaza held its official grand opening last week, with nearly a hundred local skateboarders, BMX bike riders and community members in attendance. During the opening ceremony, Jim Coutts, Oregon Park District Recreation Director, noted “From the park district’s point of view, whenever we have a project or open a venue, or do anything, the measure of success is whether it’s used or not. From the looks today and the weeks previous, I think we hit a home run!”

Spohn Ranch’s latest design/build skatepark project in Illinois is a 6,000 square foot architectural space invigorated with a vibrant colored concrete pattern, detailed interior/exterior landscaping and innovative flow patterns and sculptural features.

And as with all Spohn Ranch projects, it’s not just about pouring some concrete and walking away, it’s about the process – helping a project flow from the dream stages all the way through design workshops, grand openings and phase 2, 3,4 and beyond.

“The Oregon Park District would like to personally thank you for your assistance and expertise over the last 5 years with the design/build of Prairie Side Skate Plaza. Working together with Spohn Ranch helped us turn our vision into a reality!

I was very impressed with Spohn Ranch’s ability to guide the Oregon Park District through the beginning steps of gathering information all the way through the grand opening. The years of expertise from each of the Spohn Ranch staffers was evident in the professionalism and ease of the entire process.”

Erin Folk – Oregon Park District, Superintendent of Recreation

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