Building skateparks nationwide, we encounter widely varying site conditions, weather challenges and budget/time constraints. While site-poured concrete remains our core construction method, we realized that our construction tool belt could benefit from a technology executed in a factory-controlled environment.  In 2003, we became the first US skatepark builder to utilize pre-cast concrete technology, adding the process to our diverse arsenal of construction methods.

    Utilizing our 20+ years of skatepark construction experience we developed the most technologically-advanced construction methodology in the industry – SPOHNCRETE.

    SPOHNCRETE is a system of engineered, precision-cast concrete components cast with a 6,000 PSI proprietary material mixture for maximum strength and durability. By moving the casting process into a factory-controlled environment, we are no longer at the mercy of weather conditions which can jeopardize the narrow window for optimal concrete placement and curing. We also take control of the mix design – rather than crossing our fingers in the hope that the local concrete plant understands the intricacies of the highly-specialized mix required for skateparks.

    Elements cast via this process are backed by a 5-year warranty.