Skatepark Location

Gardena, CA

Skatepark Name

Arthur Johnson Skatepark

Skatepark Size

7,000 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Arthur Johnson Skatepark

    On the south end of Gardena, Arthur Lee Johnson Memorial Park is home to 7,000 square feet of skateable terrain. The space flows naturally out of an existing hillside and sits adjacent to two basketball courts. A triangular theme weaves through the skatepark’s interior and can be seen in the charcoal-tinted flatwork, as well as the park’s dynamic features.

    This artistic imprint accents the space with an unmistakable aesthetic quality. The park’s features are sculptural versions of skatepark staples such as gaps, banks and hubba ledges.   Located near several skateboarding company headquarters in the South Bay, the park is a favorite of many of the industry’s top professionals as a warm-up spot before heading to the streets.

    Action photography by Anthony Acosta

    1200 W 170th St.
    Gardena, CA 90247

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