• Victorville Skatepark at Doris Davies Park, CA designed by Spohn Ranch
  • Powell Peralta Vincent Luevanos hitting the quarterpipe at Victorville Skatepark, CA
  • 15000 square foot Spohn Ranch designed skatepark located in Victorville California
  • Treflip on the A-Frame by Powell Peralta Vincent Luevanos at Victorville Skatepark, CA
  • Doris Davies Skatepark in Victorville, CA designed by Spohn Ranch
  • Robby Hargreaves riding the rainbow rail at Victorville Skatepark in CA by designed by Spohn Ranch
  • Zach Doelling nose grinding his way across the long square flatbar at Victorville Skatepark
  • Handplant of Robby Hargreaves at Spohn Ranch designed Victorville Skatepark, CA
  • Cy Romano crooking his way down the long mellow flatbar at Victorville Skatepark designed by Spohn Ranch
  • Huge 8 foot pool coping bowl at Victorville Skatepark
  • Robby hitting the hip at Doris Davis Skatepark in Victorville Skatepark

Skatepark Location

Victorville, CA

Skatepark Name

Doris Davies Skatepark

Skatepark Size

15,000 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Doris Davies Skatepark

    Victorville Skatepark

    Located at:
    16451 Pebble Beach Dr.
    Victorville, CA 92395