Macomb, IL

Park Name

Dudley Skatepark


6,500 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Dudley Skatepark


    For years, the Macomb Park District’s skatepark was an uninspiring collection of rotting wood ramps atop a flat concrete slab.  In 2012, the Park District approached us with the challenge of updating the skatepark to a modern concrete skate plaza. The location was to remain the same and the concrete slab was in solid condition, so we pursued an eco-friendly approach that recycled the majority of the slab.

    Giving the park new lines that a flat space couldn’t offer, we built-up a central elevation using structural foam and poured concrete.  We used a concrete gas saw to cut out sections of the slab where new skateable elements would be seamlessly integrated. Cantilevered sculptures balance opposite ends of the park, adding flow.