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Skatepark Location

Mt. Washington, KY

Skatepark Name

Prescott Lee Goodman Skate & Bike Park

Skatepark Size

8,000 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Prescott Lee Goodman Skate & Bike Park

    This one isn’t just a skatepark. This is a permanent tribute to the legacy of Prescott Lee Goodman and a testament to the spirit of a small community who came together in the face of heartbreak.

    In 2014, Chrystal O’Bryan’s life was consumed by a project that honored and respected the legacy of her son whose life was taken at the tender age of 15.

    Out of tragedy, Bikes with Wings Foundation was formed, ran by Chrystal and a board of friends and family. After a great deal of promotion, fundraising and with the help of the City of Mt Washington, the foundation was able raise enough funding to build a beautiful 8,000 square foot BMX and Skatepark which will provide years of enjoyment for the youth of tomorrow.

    It was an honor sculpting concrete in memory of Mt. Washington, Kentucky’s most promising BMX bike rider.

    Thanks to Bikes with Wings for everything they’ve done to help make this park happen. #PLGSkatepark

    134 Newman Way,
    Mt Washington, KY 40047

    Dawn – Dusk