Skatepark Location

Miami, FL

Skatepark Name

North Trail Skatepark

Skatepark Size

10,000 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    North Trail Skatepark

    Our fourth concrete skatepark for Miami Dade County, Florida makes the most of a tight rectangular space nestled in-between walking paths and basketball courts. The park features multiple stair sets, a versatile a-frame combination and a set of sculptural “skittle-shaped” manual pads. A hipped mini-ramp section adds a transition dimension to the park and contributes to the park’s enticing “one-push” flow.

    We also gave the park those signature Spohn Ranch aesthetic details like stainless steel edging, integral color tint, brick stamp and concrete coping blocks for that backyard pool feel. Our friends at Sugars Drop Shop are managing the facility and from what they’ve told us, the locals are calling this park Miami’s best yet!

    Photography by Matt Roy