Skatepark Location

Anaheim, CA

Skatepark Name

Palm Lane Skatepark

Skatepark Size

4,000 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Palm Lane Skatepark

    Thanks to forward-thinking City officials and a generous donation from the Disneyland Resort, the City of Anaheim is adding two skateparks to its growing network of facilities dedicated to skateboarding. The skateparks will be located in Anaheim’s western neighborhoods, one at Palm Lane Park and the other at Schweitzer Park.

    Palm Lane is the first of two skateparks built in the City of Anaheim due to a generous donation from the Disneyland Resort. A wonderful 5000 square foot skate plaza snugged between Palm Lane Elementary and Ball Junior High in Anaheim, CA.

    The design features a well-rounded mix of street and transition-style elements/terrain. They are subtle in height and difficulty level, designed primarily for the beginner-intermediate skateboarders who live within the vicinity of the park. While an advanced skateboarder could still enjoy themselves here, the design is not intended to draw professional-level talent from throughout Orange County.

    Building the park further back beyond the trees helped us accomplish multiple things. We were able to avoid the drip lines of the existing trees and also create a buffer area between the skatepark and existing concrete sidewalk (to avoid hitting parents and school children.) We also added some height to the north end of the park to create a downward path for skaters to ride down and gain momentum.

    One of the design’s signature elements is a pair of embankments shaped like oranges – paying tribute to Anaheim’s agriculture roots. The sculptural nature of the elements will make for a unique photo/video backdrop, while providing neighborhood youth with a sense of local pride.
    The park is now open, ready to skate for your enjoyment.

    Palm Lane Park
    1595 W Palais Rd,
    Anaheim, CA 92802

    Dawn – Dusk