Skatepark Location

St. Paul, MN

Skatepark Name

Red Bull Mississippi Grind

Skatepark Size

3,500 Sq. Ft.

Year Built


    Red Bull Mississippi Grind

    Another innovative Spohn Ranch/Red Bull collaboration, the Red Bull Mississippi Grind was an event series centered around a concrete skatepark we designed and built on a barge that would travel down the Mississippi River.  The barge made port stops in St. Paul, MN, Davenport, IA and St. Louis, MO before reaching its final stop in the Big Easy.

    Each stop was action-packed with demos from world-class Red Bull athletes and local legends, as well as “Ticket to Grind” qualifying competitions. And to top off this amazing story, the concrete elements will be donated by Spohn Ranch to the City of New Orleans and incorporated into a new public skatepark.