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Gainesville Skatepark Construction Moves Forward

Construction is steadily moving forward on the 18,000 sq. ft. Possum Creek Skatepark in Gainesville, Florida.

Led by Spohn Ranch’s COO, Mark Bradford, the crews in Gainesville are quickly turning what were once just some dreams scribbled on paper into one of Florida’s premiere concrete skateparks.

Through a combination of advanced pre-cast concrete technology and methodical on-site concrete pours, the skatepark is nearing a flawless finish with less than 30 days on site. By precision-casting the most time-consuming features off-site, we were able to dramatically reduce our construction timeline on this project. While features like stairs were being cast in our factory-controlled conditions, we were able to simultaneously move forward with site work.

With construction set to wrap up in the next two weeks, the City of Gainesville will be preparing for one of Florida’s most anticipated skatepark grand openings in years.

The Possum Creek Skatepark is a triangular expanse of unique terrain. The park’s focus on aesthetic symmetry and a diversity of skateable features makes it a one-of-a-kind destination skatepark. This captivating skatepark features modern plaza elements, a traditional multi-level bowl and unique obstacles which allow skaters to transition through the park’s integrated landscaping.

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