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Sandwich, Illinois Skatepark Officially Open

Driving through the small Midwest community of Sandwich, Illinois – population 7,000 – you would probably never imagine that the town’s central park would feature an architecturally-striking skatepark on par with some of nation’s most innovative skateboarding spaces. For the skateboarders of Sandwich though, dreams came true when Spohn Ranch was selected as the design-build partner for the 8,000 square foot skatepark project.

Never ones to settle for a typical approach, we designed a vibrant space that stands out from the rural background. An array of elevated areas combine with cantilevered sculptures to mimic the urban landscapes of nearby downtown Chicago. A tasteful injection of Spanish Gold concrete tint gives the park a modern aesthetic, while sections of pool coping pay tribute to skateboarding’s formative years in Southern California.

Although the Midwest is now blanketed with snow, local skateboarders were fortunate enough to get a few sessions in at the new park. Look forward to seeing more photos and videos in the spring!

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