Skateable Art by Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Our semi-secret skateable art project is moving forward quickly. The final pre-cast concrete pieces look amazing. We’ll have the pieces in the ground and skateable before summer, so look for it in a park near you! We’re not sure if the city is deeming it a “skate park”, so the location is still under wraps.

From initial vision to finished project, we’ve been excited by this project. The pieces are unique and totally skateable. Pictured are the ‘Whale’, ‘Skate Hoop’ & ‘Whales Tail’. By working closely with artists & landscape architects, we’re helping create one of the biggest skateable art installations in the US.

The pieces will be set at intervals along a pedestrian path, creating interesting sculptures & skatable spots for local youth.

By incorporating skaters into the community (instead of in a hidden, fenced park) this project will transform the park into a positive space with physical fitness opportunities for youth alienated from traditional team sports.

Check back for photos after the pieces are installed.

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