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Skatepark Building in Gardena!

“Los Angeles-based Spohn Ranch, a revered skatepark design/build firm, has broken ground on two new public skateboard parks in the City of Gardena, California.

Several years in the making, the skateparks at Rowley and Johnson Parks are a vital element in the Recreation and Human Services Department’s plan to provide more positive recreational opportunities for local youth. More than just a place to practice tricks, Spohn Ranch envisions the skateparks becoming vibrant community gathering spaces where skateboarders of all backgrounds can come together and form lasting connections.
Spohn Ranch completed a 9,000 square foot skatepark in the City of Long Beach earlier this month. The facility at Ernest McBride Park, already being called “the best skatepark in Long Beach” by many, celebrated an official grand opening this past Saturday with guest appearances from skateboarding legends including Tony Hawk, Geoff Rowley and Daewon Song.

The new skateparks in Gardena, located four miles apart, will each offer a little something different to keep the skateboarding experience continuously fresh and inspiring. While each design has the essentials for a fun session, they both offer completely unique features and flow patterns.

On the south end of town, Arthur Lee Johnson Memorial Park will soon be home to 7,000 square feet of skateable terrain. The space flows naturally out of an existing hillside and sits adjacent to two basketball courts. A triangular theme weaves through the skatepark’s interior and can be seen in the charcoal-tinted flatwork, as well as the park’s dynamic features. This artistic imprint accents the space with an unmistakable aesthetic quality. The park’s features are sculptural versions of skatepark staples such as gaps, banks and hubba ledges. With something for everyone, this park will simultaneously serve advanced skaters perfecting their craft, as well those who are just learning the basics.

On the north end of town, Rowley Park also occupies a 7,000 square foot space nestled in-between a children’s play area and a pair of tennis courts. If no skaters were present, community members could easily mistake the skatepark at Rowley Park as a visually-striking public plaza. Inspired by modern urban architecture, this park gives Gardena’s skateboarders the style of terrain they truly crave. At the same time, the park’s features double as architectural focal points that will intrigue the community at large. Seamlessly integrated into the Northeast corner of the park, this facility defines modern skateboarding environments – with vibrant colored concrete patterns, interior landscaping and an array of sculptural features.

Construction is officially underway at both sites, with completion tentatively scheduled for late March, early April.”

Construction progress at Rowley Park.

And a few more renderings of the Johnson Park skatepark design.

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