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Skatepark Construction Progress in Dalles, Oregon

Building skateparks in the Pacific Northwest takes patience. With torrential rainstorms occuring seemingly every other day, the Spohn Ranch crew has learned to make the most of their days on site at the new concrete skatepark in The Dalles, Oregon.

Checking the skatepark committee’s facebook page throughout the process has kept us incredibly motivated to get the local kids skating as soon as possible.

“If you are out and about today, run by Thompson Park and take a peek at how skateparks are built…woohoo, progress! Let the sunshine begin!”

“Good to see the crew at Spohn Ranch doesn’t give up due to a holiday or some cruddy weather! Way to go boys!”

Since mobilizing about two weeks prior, we’ve made great progress on the park and the features are really starting to take shape. In the last week, we’ve executed the fine grading, formed a majority of the features and have completed shotcrete and concrete placement for about a third of the park’s features. As the concrete cures on these features, we will continue to push forward with the remainder of the formwork and concrete/shotcrete placement.

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