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With the success of recent Kern County projects, including DiGiorgio Park in Arvin and Planz Park in southern Bakersfield, Spohn Ranch has developed a strong reputation among Bakersfield-area skateboarders. So when word got around that Spohn Ranch was designing and building a new skatepark in northern Bakersfield, anticipation quickly started growing. Unexpected red tape at the State level put the … FULL POST »

Design Innovation at North Beardsley Skatepark

We like to believe that every skatepark design is better than our last and Bakersfield’s latest skatepark at North Beardsley Park is a prime example of that. After a successful design and build project for the City of Bakersfield in 2014, we wanted to raise the bar even higher when North of the River Recreation and Park District hired Spohn Ranch as their skatepark … FULL POST »