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Tony Hawk Foundation Chooses Long Beach

This past week, the Tony Hawk Foundation announced that they have chosen Long Beach’s McBride Skatepark as their spotlight project for the year.  The Stand Up for Skateparks event in October will help raise funds for the new 12,000-14,000 square foot concrete skatepark being designed and built by Spohn Ranch.

“We are honored and excited that the Tony Hawk Foundation has chosen McBride Skatepark,” said 6th District Councilmember Dee Andrews. “The additional funding will allow us to provide a world-class skate park for the community. Helping us give kids an alternative to the streets is what the project is all about. With the Tony Hawk Foundation in the mix we have the opportunity to create even more energy, excitement and pride from the kids and the community involved in the skatepark.”

“Long Beach has a strong history in supporting youth who choose skateboarding and BMX as their sports of choice,” said Tony Hawk Foundation Executive Director Miki Vuckovich. ” Over a decade ago the city’s leaders took the initiative to provide these safe havens for kids to go, ride, and remain engaged in something positive and healthy. Tony and our Board of Directors are proud to have the opportunity to share Long Beach’s story and show our support in this way.”

Since 2003, Spohn Ranch has been proud to assist the City of Long Beach with their skatepark planning efforts.  The Mcbride Skatepark will be Spohn Ranch’s fifth skatepark in Long Beach, continuing the tradition of high-quality skateboarding environments.  In the following weeks, Spohn Ranch will be collaborating with some of Long Beach’s top professional skaters to develop the design for what will surely become one of Southern California’s premiere skateparks.  Stay tuned as the design work pushes ahead!

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