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Ambassador Skate Plaza Session Photos

Top street skaters have been making trips to the new skate plaza in Wilmington.

Happy to finally have a street plaza in Los Angeles, they’re interested to see how P-Rod’s design turned out.

Their feedback has been very positive. Typically, they’re just blown away that someone has built a skatepark that packs all the street obstacles they want into one space.

The Department of Water & Power benches have been a huge hit, with many skaters amazed at the exact copies of LA’s most famous skatespot.

While still small, the park’s large central plaza leads to rails, banks, stairs, hubba ledges, straight ledges and a 4′ drop.

On the perimeter of the park are the famed DWP benches, a three-step grind box with curved back, a brick-textured bank, a skateable art bench and two raked manual pads with a gap transfer.

We can’t give names of the skaters who have been out until Havoc TV launches the ‘Ambassador Series’. In the meantime, just enjoy these pictures.

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