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Skate Plazas Save Lives!

Paul Rodriguez and Aaron Spohn, originally uploaded by busaboys.

Here are 3 of the people behind the newest positive community space in Los Angeles – Mark Mariscal, Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez, Jr. and Aaron Spohn.

Mark Mariscal – a senior official with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez, Jr. – one of the top street skaters in the world, winner of the X-Games, Maloof Cup and many other world-class competitions. Part of the elite Nike SB team. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Tiger Woods’ of skateboarding.

Aaron Spohn – an action sports pioneer, Aaron has been building skateparks across the world for 20 years. His company built the park, donating materials and labor.

When local government, celebrities and local business come together, the results can literally change lives. The new Ambassador Skate Plaza will create a positive community space for the youth of historically troubled Wilmington.

“Every skatepark is special, because every skater is special,” says Aaron Spohn, “but sometimes a project really touches you. That’s why we wanted to make this park a memorable destination.”

Making the park memorable are custom touches like granite benches, skateable art and real street obstacles like a brick-textured barcelona wall. Features like this will keep skaters from all over Los Angeles coming back to this park. This will help keep the park a safe oasis for the community.

Here’s a hopeful video about the future of this amazing park:

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