Bayou Building: Spohn Ranch & Golden Meadow Skatepark

Lafourche Parish, Louisiana’s first skatepark, in the Town of Golden Meadow, is officially open and has been dubbed an overwhelming success. Skateboarders from across Louisiana are flocking for a taste of the 6,000 square foot red-pigmented concrete.

“It’s being used a lot. I didn’t know we had that many skateboards in the area,” Golden Meadow Mayor Joey Bouziga said. “It’s being used every day since we finished it last month. I don’t know if these kids are going to school because there’s always someone there. It’s being well received by the young people.”

Spohn Ranch was selected as the project’s skatepark designer and builder in 2015 because of our vast experience in skatepark development, as well as recent success with skatepark projects in the Louisiana communities of New Orleans, Houma and Bayou Vista.

Houma Skatepark

Houma Skatepark

NOLA skatepark

Parisite Skatepark – NOLA

Spohn Ranch hosted a design workshop with Golden Meadow’s skateboarders to collect design input. Using hundreds of 3D-printed miniature skatepark obstacles, we displayed how a skatepark layout works and gave local residents a sense of spacing and scale.

Spohn Ranch executed all specialty aspects of the project, including collaboration with a local engineer during the design phase, then a local contractor during construction.


The skatepark design’s above grade terrain was dictated by the site’s high water table. Perfectly laid out with Spohn Ranch’s signature blend of street and transition, the Golden Meadow Skatepark has a straightforward flow, clean lines, long manual pads and colored concrete for a modern aesthetic.

The grand opening was held on March 20th at 5 pm.

The Golden Meadow Skatepark address is:
Oak Ridge Community Park
605 N Alex Plaisance Blvd. Golden Meadow, LA 70357

Located near the pool and adjacent to Catfish Lake.


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