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Canarsie Park Skatepark – New York City, NY


Spohn Ranch’s final design for an innovative plaza-style skatepark in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Working with New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for 3+ years, Spohn Ranch borrowed inspiration from urban architecture to create a one-of-a-kind space true to the street skating roots of New York.

It is very bittersweet time for us as we’ve just learned that the park is officially open. Unfortunately, we were unable to bring this park to fruition as we envisioned. The City’s bidding laws forced them to go with the cheapest contractor. Therefore, we must issue a huge disclaimer that Spohn Ranch did not build this park and also apologize for both the quality of the construction and design modifications that were made during the build. Spohn Ranch looks forward to more quality design/builds in the Northeast.

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