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Chautauqua Park Skatepark Opens in Owensboro, KY

Spohn Ranch’s latest Kentucky design/build project is a wrap at Chautauqua Park in Owensboro. The City and the skateboarding community celebrated with a grand opening celebration in late June. The park is now open for shredding! Images captured with the Phantom 2 from DJI, the leading drone/camera system on the market!

Copper Sky Skate Plaza – Maricopa, Arizona

Spohn Ranch design/build of a non-fenced, fully-lit skate plaza at the Copper Sky Recreation Complex in Maricopa, Arizona. Opens to the public on 3/15, but we hooked up our friend Matt Price (and his crew) with a sneak-preview session this past week. This desert oasis looks like a blast! All photos by Matt Price Skatepark Address: Corner of Bowlin Road … FULL POST »

Expansion of Orizaba Skatepark in Long Beach

In 2011, as part of a larger renovation project at Orizaba Park, Spohn Ranch collaborated with the City of Long Beach and a local landscape architecture firm to design and construct a small skate spot. Both the budget and design canvas presented to Spohn Ranch were small, but we made the most of the space and local skateboarders were eternally grateful … FULL POST »

Skatepark Design Workshop in Bakersfield, CA

The City of Bakersfield, CA recently selected Spohn Ranch via an RFP process among the nation’s top six design/build teams for a new, state-of-the-art skatepark at Planz Park. The first design workshop is next week! We’ll be meeting with local skateboarders to solicit their input on the style of park that best suits their needs. Construction is scheduled to begin … FULL POST »

Junction City, Oregon Skatepark Opens

Junction City Officially Open, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks. After several months of consistent rain and poor weather, the final landscaping and site amenities are complete at the new concrete skatepark in Junction City, Oregon. That means the park is officially open for shredding! Shout out to Benson from Tactics Board Shop for the great photos of one of our latest … FULL POST »

Cole Park Skatepark in Alamosa, Colorado

Cole Park Skatepark – Alamosa, Colorado, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks. In 2011, Spohn Ranch was chosen among six of the nation’s top skatepark builders as the highest-ranking respondent to a request for proposals in Alamosa, Colorado.  Since then, we’ve engaged in a comprehensive and collaborative design process with the local youth, working towards an inspiring final design. Now this design/build … FULL POST »

Utero Tribe Skatepark Officially Open!

Ft. Duchesne, Utah- Construction is all wrapped up. Officially open!, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks. With the final flatwork pours completed as of last week, the Ute Tribe Skatepark is now officially open! The project began with a pre-existing slab of abandoned concrete at the Utero Indian Tribal Headquarters in Fort Duchesne, Utah. Local youth would flock to this rundown skate spot; … FULL POST »

Ft. Lewis, Washington Skatepark – Officially Open!

Ft. Lewis, Washington Skatepark – Officially Open!, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks. Our 16,000 square foot design/build at the military base in Fort Lewis, Washington is officially open. Legendary skateboard photographer, Bryce Kanights, took a trip out there last week with our designer Charlie Wilkins for a session.  Click the photo above to see additional shots from the trip.

New Lenox, IL Skatepark Construction Progress

New Lenox, Illinois Skatepark Construction Progress, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks. Our latest Illinois design/build skatepark project is nearing completion in the Village of New Lenox. In order to meet the recreational demands of their rapidly growing population, this suburban community enlisted our help to design and construct a quality skatepark that would provide a safe, designated space for local youth, … FULL POST »

Canarsie Park Skatepark – New York City, NY

  Canarsie Park Skatepark – New York City, NY, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks. Spohn Ranch’s final design for an innovative plaza-style skatepark in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Working with New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for 3+ years, Spohn Ranch borrowed inspiration from urban architecture to create a one-of-a-kind space true to the street skating roots … FULL POST »