Utero Tribe Skatepark Officially Open!

Ft. Duchesne, Utah- Construction is all wrapped up. Officially open!, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks.

With the final flatwork pours completed as of last week, the Ute Tribe Skatepark is now officially open! The project began with a pre-existing slab of abandoned concrete at the Utero Indian Tribal Headquarters in Fort Duchesne, Utah. Local youth would flock to this rundown skate spot; filling it with homemade ramps and jumps. The community took notice of their effort to pursue their passion and rewarded them with the sparkling new concrete terrain that sits there today.

This 6,000 square foot skatepark wouldn’t be possible without the generous donation made by a local resident of the area. Filled with curves, bumps, ledges, and rails, this park proves to be an area that any skateboarder or community member will thoroughly enjoy.


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