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Cicero Skatepark rises above State of Illinois budget crisis

The State of Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis has significantly hindered the development of new public skateparks across Illinois over the past few years. The Town of Cicero, located just southwest of downtown Chicago, thankfully rose above the State’s shortcomings and funded the construction of a new community park at the intersection of 18th St and S Laramie Ave.

LaramieParkSkateparkCiceroDubbed the “Laramie Park Extension”, the project includes a new animal welfare shelter, a dog park, sand volleyball courts and a skateboard park. Wheaton-based Planning Resources was the park’s prime architect and selected Spohn Ranch as the project’s skatepark designer and builder.

The skatepark was sited at the entrance to the park, which promoted visibility, but created a challenging design canvas with limiting angles. The crux of the skatepark design is a linear flow bowl with sharp hips, round hips, multiple waterfalls and a bank extension. The bowl transitions into a small street area featuring a handful of ledges and manual pads.




This welcome addition to Cook County’s skatepark system is nearing completion as we fine tune a few details.

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