Holland Park Skate Plaza – Elizabeth, New Jersey

As we mentioned earlier this week, construction is underway on one of three New Jersey Spohn Ranch design/builds that will be coming to fruition this summer. Not sure if we can really call this first project in the City of Elizabeth a skatepark, because it sure doesn’t look like one!
The space is a part of a larger re-development project and was originally slated to be a venue for social gatherings such as concerts and farmer’s markets. When the forward-thinking prime architect, Suburban Consulting Engineers, wanted to bring wheeled sports into the mix, we were invited to join the design team and lend our expertise. The goal then became a vibrant multi-use plaza that would primarily cater to skateboards and bikes, while remaining a welcoming space for the entire community.
The thought was that the non-skating population would enjoy watching the action, as well as appreciate the sculptural nature of the skateable elements. And for skaters, a skatepark that doesn’t look like a skatepark, is truly a dream come true. Rather than feeling like an enclosed space where you are sentenced to ride, it feels like a naturally-occurring environment that just so happens to be perfect for skateboarding.
This innovative project is moving quick, so stay tuned for updates!

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