Louisiana’s latest skatepark build now complete

Our project in Houma, Louisiana for the Terrebone Parish Consolidated Government celebrated its official grand opening this past May.

The skatepark design features a beginner area, a tiered street section perfect for competitions and a flowing transition section with hips, a spine and deep end pocket. It also boasts a state-of-the-art restroom building and a covered spectator seating area, designed by our local architecture/engineering partner,Duplantis Design Group.

Parish President, Michel Claudet, shared some thoughts in a letter of recommendation following the completion of the project, “We cut the ribbon at Fireman’s Skate and Bike Park with a large crowd of eager riders poised and ready to make a run and the crowd has hardly diminished since. To put it simply, the park is a great success.

From the beginning planning stages, you and your team have been very responsive to the wants and needs of the local community. The public workshops that you conducted proved to be productive and a useful tool for gathering information. Spohn Ranch collaborated well with the local architects and engineers to keep the project on budget and moving forward.

We are very proud of our skatepark and would recommend Spohn Ranch to others. One of our nearby communities recently announced plans to construct their own skatepark and we were pleased to hear that they chose Spohn Ranch as their skatepark designer.”

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