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First phase of Skateable Art Installation in Utah Complete!

Spohn Ranch is proud to announce that the first phase of construction is complete on one of the largest skateable art installations in the United States. With amazing pieces of skateable public sculpture artfully set along a winding pedestrian path, this park is a ground-breaking space that incorporates skaters into the community by recognizing their right to practice their sport. Spohn Ranch worked with local landscape architects from the concept phase to plan, design and build this innovative park using the SpohnCrete system of pre-cast concrete skate elements. Usually used in creating skateparks with quarter-pipes, grind ledges and bowls, the SpohnCrete system proved the perfect method for creating unique skateable art pieces in a timely and cost-efficient way. These photos show the pieces after initial placement. When the concrete flatwork is poured around them, they will sit seamlessly with the surrounding landscape design. This project shows Spohn Ranch Skateparks’ mission to apply the highest level of construction and architecture to skateparks.

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