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Spohn Ranch Custom Ramp Featured in Shaun White Ad

The new Shaun White promo videos are up at

Shaun joins an elite group of pro athletes (Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, etc…) who use Spohn Ranch for their high-profile projects.

The videos are funny and short, and even feature a little skating.

Sure, the haters will hate on Shaun for doing these ads, but who cares. He’s promoting skateboarding, snowboarding and action sports to an audience that doesn’t like the bloody knuckles and ‘skate-and-destroy’ ethos put out by the core skateboarders. He’s getting more kids to skate, buy skateboards, use skateparks and (most importantly) buy skate shoes.

Shaun was a blast to work with and was cool to everybody on the set. He skated the ramps hard — pulling airs way bigger than we anticipated.

Spohn Ranch has worked with pro athletes for over 20 years creating new ways for skaters to launch themselves into the atmosphere. (Including Danny Way’s jump over the Great Wall of China).

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