When a skatepark gives you oranges, you skate them!

On Thursday, August 11, we had the pleasure of celebrating the grand opening of Palm Lane Skatepark – the first of our two collaborations with the City of Anaheim and Disneyland Resort.



We arrived early Thursday morning to the Spohn Ranch build crew performing a meticulous cleaning and final inspection, prior to the park’s public unveiling.  An excited crowd of local youth was not far behind, ready to skate and enjoy their new park.

PalmLaneSkateparkSpohnRanchSpeeches from the City of Anaheim’s Pamela Galera, a representative from Disneyland Resort and Spohn Ranch’s President Aaron Spohn kicked off the festivities, followed by a quick demo from Orange County-based professional and amateur skateboarders. We then announced the winners of raffled product from Bones Wheels, Blind & Cliche Skateboards before commencing with open skate.


The skatepark was an absolute hit, receiving a stamp of approval from veteran professional skateboarder Ronnie Creager, as well as amateur skateboarders Trent & Trevor McClung, Frankie Heck and Kechaud Johnson who could be seen enjoying the park throughout the day.


Thank you to Anaheim’s skateboarding community for a phenomenal turnout. And an even bigger thank you to the City of Anaheim and Disneyland Resort for such a rewarding collaboration.

Next, the crew begins construction of Schweitzer Skatepark just a few miles west. Stay tuned!


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